Gas Smoker Do You Really Need One

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For BBQ lovers, smokers are among the most essential cooking equipment. There are several types of smoker, each has its all strong points and downsides but nothing can beat the authentic BBQ flavor you can get with the best propane smoker at, If you are wondering why you need a gas smoker and how to buy the right one, this is a handy guide for you.

1. Why Should You Buy A Gas Smoker?

  • Flavor and Tenderness

There is something so special about the BBQ flavor you can get when using a gas smoker. It is simply authentic and unique. You will not taste the heating source but just the juicy and tender cuts of meat that are cooked slowly for many hours. If you want taste different flavors, change the wood chips but the overall natural, authentic feel will stay the same.
  • Ease of Use

You can see gas smokers in many restaurants because they are very easy to use. Plus, they do not require you to be present neat them all the time. You can cook cuts of meat for 12-16 and only have to tend to your gas smoker occasionally to check the temperature. Compared to smokers that use charcoal or wood, gas smokers allow the user to control the temperature easier.
  • Portability

Gas smokers are portable because you do not have to plug them into an electrical source like with electric smokers. They can be used at campsites.

  • Preservation

One of the best ways to preserve food is to use a smoker. Smoked food can last for a very long time; you do not have to be worry about long preservation time like with other cooking methods. Smoked salmon or smoked sausages can take wonderfully and resist spoilages very well.
  • Health Concern

Don’t you just feel at ease when eating something you cook by yourself? Your smoked meat may not taste as great as the one you ate at a BBQ restaurant (maybe your technique is still lacking or you do not put on enough source) but you are totally sure about all the ingredients you use and the cooking process. Smoked food does not just taste better than food cooked many another cooking technique; they also retain a lot more nutrients and therefore are considered healthier. Plus, the appliance burns cleanly.
  • Cost

You do not have to worry about breaking your bank because a gas smoker is very affordable.
Such smoker helps you cook nice food and is budget-friendly, so why not try one?

2. What to Consider In Buying A Gas Smoker?

  • Capacity

When buying a gas smoker, think about the number of people you will cook for and the size of meat you will cook often. You should not buy a smoker with small capacity only to find out later that is cannot hold the amount of food you want. If you cook for just 2-3 people, do not spend too much and choose a small portable smoker. In case you cook for a lot of people often (for example you love organizing BBQ home parties), especially with large cuts of meat, you should consider a smoker with large capacity.
  • Material

How much you pay for a gas smoker can vary depending on the type of material you choose and also its thickness. For example: a gas smoker made of thicker steel costs more than one made of thinner steel because it retains the heat better and is more durable.
  • Fuel Source

Depending on the flavor you like, the cost and availability of the fuel source, you have different choices like electricity, wood, and natural gas.
  • Ease of Cleaning

Choose a gas smoker with such handy accessories like removable racks and a drip pan: they will make cleaning much easier and quicker to perform. Or else, you will have to deal with fat, seasonings, and ingredients that drop or splatter in your smoker.
  • Price

Do not go cheap and purchase a gas smoker that does not even cost $100. Unless you are a professional cheap or very seriously passionate BBQ lover, a mid-range gas smoker is probably your best choice.
It is recommended that you buy a as smoker from a reputable manufacturer. It will last for a long time and comes with good warranty/customer service. You can start with product reviews first.
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