Smart storage options for small kitchens

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Cleaning out the clutter is the first step in using every inch of kitchen space especially in small kitchens. Once the clutter is removed, organized storage helps the kitchen run efficiently and keeps future chaos at bay. Here are a few handy organizers that can benefit any kitchen.

Your kitchen may not be big, but using these storage helpers just a few of the many innovative options out there can make it function in a big way.

SNAPWARE Airtight Canister

Cereal boxes require lots of cabinet space and are less than ideal for storing food. A better solution: SNAPWARE canisters. They hold 15 cups and they’re airtight to keep food fresh. Made of shatterproof clear plastic with grips for little hands, it’s stain- and odor-resistant, freezer-safe and easy to open. This product uses less space than a cereal box and looks much nicer on the shelf.

Smart Spin

This is one of the best space-savers for the kitchen, storing all your plastic storage containers and lids in less than one square foot on a carousel that spins and moves forward on its base for easy access. The Smart Spin simplifies finding the right container and matching lid.

* Expandable cutlery tray

Sterilite’s plastic cutlery tray expands from 12-1/2″ to 21″ to fit different drawer sizes. Its eight compartments store flatware, utensils and gadgets. The ample size makes it easier to access individual pieces and clears the clutter.

* Corner Storage Shelf

This metal shelf fits into the corner of your cabinet and creates three tiers, tripling storage capacity by taking full advantage of vertical space. Using two of these units, you can store an entire set of dishes on one cabinet level.

* Expand-A-Drawer

Reclaim shallow storage spaces! Remove the junk from the junk drawer and install a spice drawer organizer such as The Expand-A-Drawer Spice. Its side panels expand from 12″ to 23″, and the extra-long 18″ depth insures complete drawer coverage. This system stores 36 full-sized spices on their sides with the label clearly visible, enabling you to see all your spices at a glance. Try alphabetizing them for easy access.

* Expand-A-Shelf

Storing canned items is problematic for small kitchens. The Expand-A-Shelf uses a tiered system that allows organization, identification and easy access to a large stash of canned goods. One unit expands from 14″ to 27″, making it possible to use every inch of space in your pantry.

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