Some Multimeter hacks for you

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There are some simple and quick tips of multimeter for you to save more time as well as blown components. In some cases, the multimeter can save your life even when you don’t think about this.

1. You should check the input impedance of circuit before turning on

When you want to solder the circuit together and by the time of turning on the power supply, you just only see a smoke puff from the ICs. At that moment, you may want to through it away. I have one small tip for you in that case. Once the circuit is ready for you to be tested, you just need to put the multimeter simply to the mode of impedance measuring and you measure the impedance of input between the negative and positive voltage input of a circuit. The impedance of the DC circuit with IC will be more than 5 – 10k ohms. If the number is below 5 – 10k ohms, especially below 100, you should let it take a short rest. After that, you have look the circuit again and try one more time before turning on.

2. You can use the audible alarms on the meter

Now, many manufacturers produce most of multimeters with the audible alarm. The typical sound of multimeter usually is a beeper. Therefore, you do not have to look at the readout of the meter because from now on, you just need to use along tip 1 and 2 to check a short quickly and easily. You just enable the audible alarm simply on the multimeter by putting it in the mode of impedance and pressing the dedicated buttons for it. Then, you start to measure. In case there is the zero impedance, you do not have to look at your work because you will hear a problem.

A multimeter is definitely a necessary tool for all type of electrical jobs. You can use it to install the ceiling fan or even change the junction box… By using the multimeter, it will help you determine if the wire is hot or not and many more other functions. The multimeter is designed with many sizes and shapes. There are 3 fundamental components that it can measure of the electrical energy including ohms, volts and amps. For more multimeter reviews, you can enjoy our website at I am sure that you will find a lot of useful information there before making decision of purchasing any multimeter. Moreover, if you find these above tips are helpful, you can share these tips with your friends as well as your family members. Do not miss our next articles.

3. You can plug in the multimeter to the ground directly when testing

I have seen many people make a short of circuit accidentally when they want to try to hold 2 meter probes in one place while they are looking at a readout of the meter. By doing this step, it is very hard to hold them exactly. In addition, it may cause a large risk of accidental short and you may have to replace components. Therefore, instead of holding 2 meter probes, you just need to take one banana cable and connect this cable to the ground from the negative input of mutimeter of the power supply. Then, your device should be hooked up to the supply ground. Alternatively, you connect the banana cable and alligator clip to ground from the meter on the circuit. As the result of that, you just need to probe for all of things with the positive probes.

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