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If you have to work in workshop or garage, the large air compressors seem suitable for your needs. However, with other jobs, you have to consider some problems may happen with the large air compressor. In that case, you will need a portable air compressor machine. With this portable machine, you can bring it to anywhere such as in your car, around your house or even bring it to work places with you. In this topic, I will show you some useful benefits of this portable machine and the reasons why you should buy one of it or for more information, you can search the best air compressor reviews to read.

1. Repair the tire in Emergency case

Sometimes, the tire of your car is out of air, therefore, you have to pump it immediately. But the big air compressor in the garage can not help you much. That is the moment you should think about the portable air compressor. You can keep the portable air compressor in the car so that you do not have to worry about the flat tire suddenly anymore. Some models of the portable machine work by batteries while other models can use the power socket in your car. The valve system of this machine can connect to the tire and this is the operation of this machine. It may take a bit longer time than the big models. However, for the emergency cases, it is the perfect choice for you.

2. Housework and DIY jobs

DIY jobs and housework at home may require the tools of air power. Therefore, instead of bring the cord of machine from the power socket, the portable air compressor is more convenient for you as you can take it into exactly where you want. When you use this portable machine, it is easier for you to do the steps. This portable machine can be applied for nail gun, spray gun, sanding and on the roof.

3. At Work

Some air tools at your work place can operate with a portable air compressor such as nail gun and spray gun. Although the portable one is less powerful than the big one, it still has enough power for the air tools. However, with the tool of sandblast, you may need the stronger machine.

How to maintain the portable air compressor:

– clean the dirt out of the fuel tank

In order to make sure the best working conditions of the air compressor machine, you have to clean the dirt out of the fuel tank. It is better to clean the fuel tank more than one time per year so that the engine will be cleaned out of the dirt or left fuel layer behind the machine. This step will safeguard the engine of air compressor.

– Check and replace the oil of an air compressor

After using the machine for 500 – 1000 hours, you should change the oil of an air compressor so that the machine will run more effective as well as lower energy consumption. In addition, you have to use the specifically oil for each types of air compressor because you can not use all types of oil in the market for the air compressor.

– replace the separator elements

You should replace the separator part of valve in the air compressor after 1000 hours of use. By do this step, the performance of air compressor will be enable outstanding.

Hope you can buy the most suitable air compressor to your needs and know how to maintain the air compressor through this topic.

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