How to Troubleshoot a Bad Homemade Cup of French Press Coffee?

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If you are a coffee lover, there are so many things available in the market these days that could maximize your sipping experience. And French Press is definitely one of these.

With the best French Press, you are possessing the best and easiest tool to make a great cup of coffee at home. Once you have dialed in the dosage and the grind, brewing your coffee is simply a piece of cake.

However, a lot of beginners often make some common mistakes early on which might lead to a less-than-optimal cup of coffee. The following is a detailed list of several common problems with a French press pot and my suggested solution.

1. Weak tastes of coffee

If the taste of your coffee is week, it is highly likely that the grind is generally too coarse. In this case, you should grind your coffee a little bit finer. In addition, make sure that you allow the coffee to be steep for about 3 or 4 minutes.

2. Bitter tastes of coffee

In other cases, the coffee might have been cut too fine. So in the next time, it is better to take a coarser grind. If the coffee is roasted dark, make sure that the coffee is certainly fresh and reduce the temperature of brewing to 195 0F.

3. Too strong tastes of coffee

To deal with this problem, you need to use a three-minute steep. Don’t allow your brewed coffee to sit in a glass beaker right after brewing. Instead, it is advisable to only brew what you want or move the coffee from your French press maker to a thermal bottle. Also keep in your mind that if you have been used to drinking a cup of drip coffee, at first the French press coffee would often taste stronger or richer.

4. Thick or gritty sediment

In this case, the problem would come from the filter. When the filter does not fit snugly against the pot glass, sediment of the coffee would go in the upper chamber. As a result, the filter could become damaged and you need to buy another filter for replacement.

5. Sediment woes

If the coffee tastes OK, but its sediment is making you bored, then it is time to take an Espro Press into consideration. In general, this pot is designed with a tighter filter than a usual French Press coffee maker. Another way to deal with this problem is cutting a paper filter up.

6. Take too long to boil water

I know, this is probably one of the most annoying problems while making your own cup of coffee with a French press maker. The best way to minimize the time is only boiling the necessary amount for a press pot. In other words, do not completely fill the kettle. If it is still taking too long, consider buying an electric kettle, which might be one of the best investments for this task.

7. Inconsistent grind

I guess that you might have one of these 20-USD blade grinders. Generally, some of the coffee might be coarsely ground, while some is greatly ground. Thus, it takes practice to get an excellent grind from your blade grinder. It is a good decision to buy a burr grinder to resolve this problem.

8. Cleaning

It is quite simple to clean and disassemble a French press pot as it is basically made from stainless steel. Normally, you just need to give a quick rinse for your brewer every day.

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