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  1. Find the most suitable skateboard or penny board for you

There are many kinds of skateboard/penny board such as expensive skateboard and pastel penny board cheap with a lot of kinds. The 2 popular typical kinds of skateboard/penny board are normal deck and long deck. You can go to the skateboard/penny board shops new your house or visit online website to choose the suitable type of skateboard with suitable prices for you.

  • Normal deck has curled up tail and head. It also has a depression for the skaters performing their technical movements. It has a plenty of sizes and most of it is about 80 cm long and 20 cm wide. This skateboard is suitable for you to buy if you would love practicing in the street or skating park and practice some tricks as well.
  • Long deck usually has long and flat body. There are a lot of sizes of length of this type and there is one type with double length compared to normal deck. For the beginners, this type of skateboard/penny board is great as it is quite easy to play and you can keep balance well. However, it is quite hard to make some skills with this type of skateboard/penny board but it would be a great choice if you use this board as a vehicle.
  • A skateboard/penny board for the beginners will cost about 50$ – 150$. You should buy an available set of pre-installed skateboard/penny board in the stores with the trucks and wheels that are suitable for your usage. Remember do not buy a penny board in the supermarkets because it is not only difficult to use but also broken very quickly. You should go to a dedicated skateboard/penny board shops to buy a good one.

  1. Buy a suitable pair of shoes

Skateboarding shoes are usually produced by some famous brands such as Vans, Airwalk and Etnies. It has enduring surface and flat sole of shoe that is very good for sticking on skateboard/penny board. Though you totally can play with a pair of casual shoe but with skateboarding shoes, it helps you make the movements in the desk more active and easier. You should not go to skate with sandal or slipper because your feet will not move easily and comfortable at all. When you go skateboarding with sandals and slippers, you may suffer heel paint and fall down from the skateboard/penny board easily.

  1. Buy the appropriated protective gears

At the first time when you begin to start skateboarding, you shall fall many times even all the time. You should consider buying protective equipment like helmet, knee and elbow pads to make yourself safe from the falls or any accidents may happen when you are practicing. This is especially important for the beginners.

Make sure that you buy helmets that fit your head. Before buying a helmet, you should use a string ruler to measure your head. You put a string ruler in the forehead and turn around circle of the head to measure your head’s. Then, you buy a helmet with that measure. It is no need to shy when you are wearing a helmet or protective gears as protecting your head from injuries is the most important thing.

  1. Find an appropriate place to practice skateboarding

A flat road or parking area is good places to practice skateboarding. Make sure that there is no barrier on your road and you should be careful with cracks, rocks… on the road. You can go to the skateboarding areas to watch and learn experience from the professional skaters.


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