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About Us

Planana is a simple, but powerful word-of-mouth tool for events, conferences, and tradeshows. Using popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, our tool allows event marketers and promoters to expand their event’s reach using the networks of their current attendees.

Our first product is a perks plug-in that rewards attendees with discounted tickets and awesome benefits for sharing the event through their networks.

Our Story

We started this company because we love live experiences. We met great friends, learned amazing skills, and got ourselves into the craziest situations when going to mixers, hackathons, concerts, live shows, conferences and more. We were asking ourselves, “How can we incentivize more people to join us at these awesome events?”

We had also been planning events for many years and realized that e-mail marketing was becoming less and less effective. E-mail inboxes become innundated with information, and it’s hard to stand out in the noise. For anyone that runs anything from a conference to a local concert, it is always difficult to find a marketing strategy that works.

The tools we create are extremely effective tools we wanted to use ourselves. Our mission is to help your event be a hit!

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General: hello@planana.com

Media: media@planana.com