Moheak Radio Presents: Daniel Bedingfield w/ Raheem Cohen and Jutty Ranx

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    When: Thursday 07/26/12 8:30 PM (Doors open at 07:30 PM)

    08:00 PM - Raheem Cohen
    09:00 PM - Jutty Ranx
    10:15 PM - Daniel Bedingfield

    Show Type: 21 & over

    Daniel Bedingfield: Daniel Bedingfield's pop wizardry earned him a BRIT Award, six U.K. Top 10 singles and 4 million in album sales from 2001 to ’04. Now, after eight years, the songwriter who rocketed to the top of the pop world with “Gotta Get Thru This” is back in a huge way, with new batches of genre-splicing, pulse-pounding music that not only appeals to a broad spectrum of fans but reveals Bedingfield's resolve to control his own fate. Bedingfield's new material moves adroitly between dance-floor bangers and R&B-spiked rock, between freak-funk and chilling piano ballads, between effects-heavy electro and sunny island reggae. All brim with his distinctive melodic sense and arching romanticism. “There are a million ways of self-expression, and I can’t hold to one style," he says. "There isn’t one sound in my head, there are thousands."

    Raheem Cohen: These musicians from Silverlake have been honing their craft for over ten years, though you wouldn’t guess it from their ages or sense of musical integrity. The oldest member of the group is twenty, and seeing the band play for the first time provokes a familiarity that only seasoned musicians can really captivate. Raheem Cohen’s influences can be heard so eloquently in the roots of their music, yet everything the band does is original. While they pay homage to their artistic heroes, Raheem Cohen never loses sight of their own creativity. Their sound is reminiscent of Hendrix, Marley, and Sly Stone; yet at the same time it is evocative of the White Stripes, Rage Against the Machine, and the Black Keys.

    Jutty Ranx: You know the concept of vocal control, right? Justin Taylor’s voice has vibe control. Taylor — aka Jutty Taylor, aka Jutty Shark — was last (and still heard) heard fronting the breezy pop of Blacks&, whose April EP won hearts and ears. Taylor’s new project with his Finnish friend Jaakko Manninen is called Jutty Ranx, who just released a free four-song EP of funky, feel-good electro that transcends the puerile preening that dominates Top 40 music. Take this one into your weekend and wash it down with something cold.