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Founded in 2012

Anna Sergeeva / CEO / Sales & Business Development

Fei Xiao / COO / Product & UI/UX


Anna and Fei launched their first company in the events space, trueRSVP, in September 2011. In the course of 6 months, they built a prototype, received a DEMOgod award and coverage in USA Today, Venture Beat, Inc Magazine and the Los Angeles Business Journal.

In January, Fei, Anna pivoted trueRSVP into Planana after surveying dozens of event organizers and learning that predicting attendance was not enough. Planana has been used by events nationwide, with clients such as Saks, IDG, AlwaysOn, and more.

In Jan 2013, Planana joined DreamIt Austin to further grow the company.

Fun facts

“Planana” is derived from the word “Planning” & “Banana”.

The founding duo did research for the company by sneaking into several events.